BG, Medizin auf den Punkt

Medicine on point

Medical doctors worldwide use the internet to educate themselves because it is not possible for everyone to travel distances for the congresses. The online service Congress on Demand presents medical congresses online and summarizes the most important studies with relevance to health care in the respective native language. The path „from bench to bedside“ is significantly shortened for the well-being of the patients.
The videos are recorded daily and placed online at the end of each congress day. Additional presentations focus on the latest research results and are immediately made available in PDF for download. This guarantees a day-to-day knowledge transfer for physicians worldwide.

Clear portal structure


The Congress On Demand portals on the specialist congresses are clearly structured and user friendly with a multimedia design. By logging on with a password, users gain direct access to the highlights of the congresses. At a glance, they will be informed about speakers and their subject areas and can access the relevant presentation with just a few clicks. The website is clearly structured. Congress days, topics and speakers can be selected individually. In the video sequences, key opinion leaders summarize the presented study data concisely after each day, thus conveying a sense of participation for users.

Überall erreichbar und mehrsprachig verfügbar

Universally accessible in several languages

Congress On Demand can be used anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection, a computer, tablet or smartphone and access data for the portal. This means that this service can be called up in all countries – as well as by users of different devices. To date, Congress On Demand portals have provided information in English, German, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese.


At local level too


As virtual training is no substitute for personal interaction or scientific discussion, this online service is often supplemented with local meetings held in the experts’ countries of origin. They use Congress On Demand as a content platform, thus taking the congress home directly. As the international findings are already available in the local language, they are ideal for conveying the relevant information in a way that can be understood quickly and easily. This forms the basis for a multimedia event that maximizes synergies. These events can also be CME-certified.


Enthusiastic response from physicians

Many doctors are already regular Congress On Demand users, taking part in international specialist congresses online, with new users joining the ranks constantly. The format and methodology are established and recognized as a standard form of training. For instance, in the case of ASH TODAY® congress reporting, this means that the majority of all haematologists in Germany, Japan, Spain and Brazil use this service.


„Thank you – your idea is an excellent one.“

Onkologist from Nuremberg

„Congratulations on this fantastic project. Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to be involved.

Speaker from Spain

„Thank you very much! Congratulations – I’ve logged in and it is fantastic.“

Hematologist from Spain

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